LifeKids is our Children's Ministry for kids in K-6th grade!

What is LifeKids?

Lifekids is our children's ministry for kids in K-6th grade!

What are LifeKids Learning Right Now?

Prayer is such a big part of the Christian life. It’s one of the coolest things ever. 

Prayer is when we get to talk to God, and He gets to talk to us. It’s a vital part of our spiritual lives

For a lot of kids, prayer seems like such a hard thing to do. Many kids think there is no way they can pray to God. They don’t think they know how. They have seen some adults pray and they think they have to do it EXACTLY like those adults do.

Jesus’ disciples once asked Him, “Lord, teach us to pray.” So, Jesus taught them a sample prayer to use as a guide to help them know HOW to pray. We call it “The Lord’s Prayer.” In this series, the children will be learning how to pray. It’s not “THE ONLY WAY” to pray, but it’s a sample prayer that Jesus gave to the disciples that we can follow.

In each lesson, we are going to look at “The Lord’s Prayer” piece by piece and see what Jesus was teaching the disciples about how to pray. It is our goal that each child will have the entire Lord’s Prayer memorized by the end of this series.

What's Happening with LifeKids?

We love kids, and we want to  show each and every child the love of Christ.

Meet our LifeKids Pastors!

Nicole and Greg Henley lead our LifeKids! 

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