Don't worry about it!

Worry and anxiety are BIG deals in the lives of many kids. 

Believe it or not, there are many people who don’t realize this.  They think, “They’re kids! What could they possibly have to worry about?”

There are a LOT of things that cause kids to worry: 

How about SCHOOL, for starters! 


BIG Tests in subjects like Science, History, and MATH! 

Sports! Yeah, they are fun – but sometimes there can be lots of pressure put on you to be involved in SO MANY THINGS! It’s hard to keep up! 

Friends! Sometimes we worry about who likes us, who doesn’t like us, who thinks we are popular – all kinds of stuff! 

The truth is – while there are many things that COULD make us worry in life…that’s not the plan God has for us. God looks at all of the stuff going on in our lives and says, “Don’t worry about it!”

don't worry


You might be wondering, “Well, if I’m not supposed to worry – then what should I do?” 

Well, that is exactly what the kids are going to learn about in this series!

They will learn how to God in the midst of life’s difficulties. Instead of letting fear and anxiety overtake you. Instead, “Don’t worry about it!”

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