heaven rules

what difference does it make?

Family Trouble.

Cancer Treatment.

Work Layoffs.

Car Repairs.

How easily two little words can fill our whole lives with anxiety and fear.

But there’s a two-word answer for every two-word worry:


The Bible says God is personally, purposely involved in ALL that’s taking place on earth. 

He’s reigning over each scar, tear, crisis and conflict.

At our Women’s Conference, we are going to consider the two-word phrase—simple, powerful, two words: Heaven Rules!

We’re going to consider HEAVEN RULES - our God is in control - as a lense through which we can view everything else in our lives and in our world.

As we listen to speakers and look at scripture, we’ll see what it means for God’s people - for us - to know HEAVEN RULES. In God’s perfect plan, we’ll find comfort, hope, courage and perspective.

how do I register for the conference?

Registering is super easy! 

Just text the word HEAVEN to 785-367-2063

Once you text HEAVEN, you're registered!

And you will receive conference updates from this number.